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Managing your supply chain risks through effective and efficient Procurement practices, especially in the current economic environment, across your business is vital.

At Management Options, our team of highly experienced procurement consultants are service providers who deliver tailored procurement support and consultancy for government and semi-government clients.

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Our background in governance and probity ensure we understand the policies and legislative framework our public sector clients are required to work within.  Management Options assists organisations in navigating and adapting to these frameworks to optimise their organisational agility.  After all, procuring smarter within an organisation adds value well beyond the traditional bottom line.

Often our client’s procurement requirements fall into one of our service streams, depending on where they are in the Procurement – Contract Management Cycle.

Our approach helps organisations procure smarter by understanding their spend profile in order to make informed purchasing decisions.  This includes, what they buy when they buy and who they buy from.

Management Options has the capability to support our clients through all stages of the cycle or we’ll work with our client’s team or other consultants to complete work packages and handover activities for the next stage.

Whether you require end to end or partial procurement support services, our team can help.

We have an excellent track record of embedding our experienced procurement specialists as procurement leads in major projects that require on-site (as well as remote) full, or part-time presence.

A Dynamic Team of Procurement Professionals

Who We Are
More than just procurement specialists, Management Options are a team of proactive consultants with a track record for meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations.  Our extensive experience working with all tiers of government have safeguarded our expertise in public procurement. Our team is dedicated to delivering long term value to our clients.

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How We Work

  • Support:  Our procurement specialists support organisations by delivering procurement projects, managing contracts and offering probity advice.  We offer hands-on support for complete or partial end-to-end procurement solutions.  This includes probity advisory services.
  • Assessments:  Our team can offer a diagnosis for the current state, a roadmap to improvements and clear objectives to optimise your return of investment from procurement activities.
  • Strategise:  We help clients by delivering strategies that ensure procurement functions deliver measurable and sustainable benefits and generate value for money outcomes.
  • Train: We develop and deliver custom training programs to meet the individual needs of public and private sector organisations.

What We Include
Management Options consultants can effectively assist with any of the following work packages:

Procurement Profiling and Expenditure Analysis

  • spend analysis and compliance leakage
  • market analysis
  • identifying opportunities for commodity savings
  • data sourcing
  • cleansing and coding
  • developing commodity profiles of expenditure
  • analysing procurement data to identify process and administrative efficiencies
  • focus areas and objectives

Procurement for government and major corporate sector

Procurement Strategy, Planning and Reform

  • setting strategic objectives
  • identifying key initiatives and action items
  • resourcing – roles and responsibilities
  • assessing and prioritising financial savings
  • developing a high-level implementation framework
  • procurement strategies, development and planning
  • stakeholder communication planning
  • transition planning
  • business case development and cost-benefit analysis
  • implementation of time frames
  • project resource allocation
  • planned actions and anticipated outcomes

Tender Management and Preparation

  • tender development and management
  • project and evaluation management
  • probity briefings
  • evaluation planning and reporting
  • business case review
  • vendor and stakeholder consultation
  • requirements collection, analysis and definition
  • tender document preparation
  • tender Release
  • stage review and reports

Procurement and Governance 

At Management Options, procurement governance structures are effective, efficient and compliant with legislative requirements.  Through collaboration, we conduct governance reviews that take into account your legal structure, regulatory environment, organisational vision and culture.

Reviews can either address particular issues of concern within your organisation, including systems and processes, or a broader review that takes in all components within the procurement ecosystem.

Our reviews may include the following:

  • determining bottlenecks and streamlining procedural efficiency while maintaining or enhancing procurement probity
  • reviewing skills, roles and delegation threshold levels and gaps
  • assessing information and documentation security and confidentiality
  • procurement governance ecosystem with strategic direction
  • reviewing policies, procedures and directives to streamline, ensure legislative compliance, limit risks, ensure transparency, impartiality, accountability and value for money
  • gap analysis of current procurement ecosystem against new or previous legislative requirements

Procurement & Probity Consultant showing the way to success

Why Choose Us?

  1. At Management Options, our strength and experience are in providing real and practical solutions aimed at identifying procurement opportunities and improving the effectiveness of the procurement function.
  2. Management Options offers a cost-effective fee structure and imparts knowledge to establish in‐house skills. We adopt a practical approach in everything we do and deliver the highest standard of professional procurement advice.
  3. Management Options assists clients to procure smarter to improve their processes and practices in a probity rich environment. This allows them to successfully secure key supplier contracts, identify and convert savings opportunities, better strategically manage suppliers and achieve procurement accreditation.
  4. Our company understands that as a strategic function, procurement can assist organisations to mitigate risks, improve outcomes, realise benefits, and collaborate effectively across the organisation and strategic suppliers.
  5. Our procurement consultants have been providing contracting and tendering services to clients for many years ranging from small unique contracts to multi-million dollar, complex arrangements.
  6. In particular, our experience in the public sector in Australian ensures the processes we undertake are fully compliant with state, local and national procurement rules and regulations.
  7. Our expertise and extensive experience in procurement policy development, ensure local internal policies are procurement authority compliant.  This has meant that our procurement consultants have facilitated many millions of dollars in savings for various clients.

The Benefits of Procurement to your Organisation

The true value of procurement to an organisation cannot be under-estimated.

Procurement’s focus on delivering high quality lower cost solutions is a natural sales asset.  In other words, by understanding our customer’s needs, procurement can deliberately focus on ensuring that the customer gets what they want at the right time, the right quality and the right price.

Procurement & Probity Consultants, Brisbane AustraliaIt is often the case that procurement consultants will say something like, “just leave the Terms and Conditions to us because we are the procurement experts, and you just write the scope of work”. At Management Options, we recognise that the discussion needs to go beyond this concept.

We understand that the true scope of procurement requires a connection between commercial and technical interests.

We understand the actual needs, commercial risks, performance requirements, supplier capabilities and the depth of supplier value to your internal customer.

A customer team that is innovative with access to new products and a wide range of commercial skills, creates an invaluable supply chain and supplier relationships.  These relationships can deliver tangible value to your bottom line.

For this reason, it is essential to become deeply involved in both the requirement as well as the process to ensure that there is a clear fit commercially between what is being offered by the supplier and what is delivered to your internal customer.

Procurement must become the fulcrum that engenders trust and respect by both internal customers as well as the supplier.

As trusted advisors, Management Options is a team that clients can rely on to deliver sound commercial and technical solutions.

Our approach ensures your organisation can activate those key supplier relationships that are critical to your success.

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

Many organisations are not aware that by becoming a preferred customer of choice, their top suppliers will naturally give them preferential benefits.  These benefits may assist in better pricing or deliver process or productivity improvements.

For this reason, organisations should take a positive view of their top suppliers and actively and routinely engage with them. Management Options can assess your supplier relationships and advise on the best strategies moving forward.

Supplier relationship management includes:

  • lowering prices from making more commitment to each other
  • process improvement in all areas
  • productivity improvements through continuous improvement programs
  • new product access
  • reduction in supply chain risk with agreed lead times and availability
  • integration opportunities with IT
  • improved planning
  • greater transparency of costs

Management Options encourages a collaborative SRM process by activating key supplier relationships.  By stepping outside the box,  organisations can identify and target the dollar savings as well as other competitive value-adding opportunities.

Lowering Costs and Reducing Supply Chain Vulnerability

Supply chain vulnerability occurs with poor planning and a failure to collaborate or select the wrong suppliers. Many organisations experience increases in supply disruption on a regular basis, and this adversely affects their business.

At Management Options, procurement has a critical role in seeking out suppliers that have both capacity and capability to support your business, to ensure that the ensuing commercial relationships assist with the delivery of goods and services effectively and on time.

This is significant, as delays in receiving goods and services, has a flow-on effect.  While procurement is often called to resolve disrupted supply chains, it is far more critical that the procurement team focuses on prevention.

After all, prevention is better than cure!  At Management Options we identify and manage supply risk by engaging in effective and efficient sourcing strategies.

Smart companies with a strategic procurement team like Management Options, know that real value is creating efficient and cost-effective supply chains.  We can assist with the right supplier providing the right quality at the right price and the right time.  This is the road to success!

Your Procurement Specialists

Management Options will work to identify the most beneficial areas to focus on, in terms of both upfront value and long-term efficiency and cost savings.

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