Probity Consulting Services by Management Options, Brisbane

Management Options is one of Australia’s leading providers of independent Probity Services. We understand probity and we understand procurement processes. We also understand the long-term reputational damage that probity breaches can bring to an organisation and to individuals.


We have the organisational capacity and capability to enable our team of four nationally accredited and highly experienced probity practitioners to effectively and efficiently provide probity advisory and probity audit services. Client retention attests to our proven track record of successfully delivering numerous probity advisory and audit services to Government agencies, statutory bodies and government owned corporations.


Our knowledge and breadth of experience in probity underpins every Client engagement and we know what to do to ease the process; making sure probity issues are dealt with effectively early.

Probity Consulting Services by Management Options, Brisbane

Providing Probity, Procurement & Contract Management for
Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and major regional centres Australia-wide.

We Work On

We have extensive experience in the provision of probity services to complex, multi and single stage procurement processes, including Early Market Engagement (EME), Expressions of Interest (EOIs), Early Tender Involvement (ETI), Early Contractor Involvement (ECI), Invitations to Tender/Offer (ITTs/ITOs) and Requests for Proposal (RFPs), Market-Led Proposals (MLP), Business Case development and Public, Private Partnerships (PPPs).


Our Approach

Our approach to the provision of probity advisory services is to undertake a range of activities to the extent necessary to provide the client with assurance that the relevant probity issues have been adequately addressed by their project, that the integrity of the process is sound; and that the evaluation recommendations are defensible.


As an initial step, we recommend a mutually agreed Probity Plan is finalised to establish how probity will be managed, raise awareness of the probity principles and objectives, and how stakeholders can effectively meet their obligations to probity while focusing on the business objectives of their project.


Our approach to probity audits, of which we have conducted many, is to provide the client with a facts based report following an objective review of documentation, actions and decisions and interviews with relevant stakeholders and forming an opinion how these measure up against the probity principles and the expected standards of behaviour, fairness, impartiality and transparency enshrined in legislation, policy and codes of conduct.

Key Attributes

We provide consistent, objective and accurate probity advice.

We provide skilled and knowledgeable probity practitioners at short notice and for ad hoc hours.

We maintain the strictest confidentiality and security of information and materials.

We meet planned and unplanned meeting requests with a high degree of flexibility and respond with agility to changing project timeframes.

We offer a methodology/approach that provides a high level of certainty to the client that their project will meet project timeframes without delays in meeting probity objectives.

We offer multiple solutions to problems from a risk management perspective.

Probity Consulting Services in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Regional Australia