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Management Options Pty Ltd is one of Australia’s leading providers of independent probity services. Our probity in procurement consultancy services delivers robust, accountable, and transparent processes that will withstand public scrutiny.  We understand the long-term reputational damage that probity breaches can bring to an organisation and individuals.

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We have the organisational capacity to enable our team of highly experienced and accredited probity practitioners to effectively and efficiently provide probity advisory and probity auditing services. Client retention rates attest to our proven track record of successfully delivering numerous probity advisory and probity auditing services to government agencies, statutory bodies, non-for-profits, government-owned corporations and private-sector corporations.

Our knowledge and breadth of experience in probity underpin every client engagement to ensure probity issues are dealt in a timely manner.

We have a broad range of clients at all levels of government including local, state and federal.  We are also able to assist with private sector corporations. By leveraging our procurement and supply chain experience, we have established a strong portfolio of clients Australia wide.

A Dynamic Team of Probity Professionals

Who We Are
Procurement planning team hard at workWe are a dynamic team of nationally accredited and highly experienced probity in procurement specialists.  Our unique skill set is a key point that differentiates us from other probity advisors.  Our team is dedicated to delivering quality outcomes and long term value through best practice probity solutions and strategic advice.

At Management Options, our probity practitioners are subject matter experts too.  We take pride in offering specialist advice in a way that is easily understood by client representatives and relatable to practical applications. Our ‘jargon-free’ personnel have earnt a reputation built on trust and respect. This trust tends to result in better coordination during delivery and superior outcomes for your organisation.

How We Work
Throughout your procurement project, Management Options will provide complete probity advisory services, tailored to the risk profile of your project. Our approach is one of rigorous analysis of probity risks and practical and effective risk mitigation options, with a pragmatic and proven methodology for delivering transparent, defensible and auditable outcomes.

When it comes to probity, we undertake a range of activities to the extent necessary to provide the client with the assurance that the relevant probity issues have been adequately addressed by their project.  This ensures that the integrity of the process is sound and that the evaluation recommendations are publicly defensible.

As an initial step, we recommend a mutually agreed probity plan is finalised.  This plan establishes how probity will be managed and raises awareness of the probity principles and objectives.  It also addresses how stakeholders can effectively meet their obligations to probity while focusing on the business objectives of their project.

We also regularly conduct probity audits and are highly experienced with this process.  Our auditing approach is to undertake an evidence-based, objective review of documentation, actions and decisions and interviews with relevant stakeholders.  From here, an opinion is formed as to how this measures up against the probity principles,  including the expected standards of behaviour, fairness, impartiality and transparency as enshrined in relevant legislation, policy and codes of conduct. We then produce a Probity Report documenting findings and recommendations.

We have extensive experience in the provision of probity services to complex, multi and single-stage procurement processes.  These processes include:

  • Early Market Engagement (EME)
  • Requests for Information (RFI)
  • Expressions of Interest (EOIs)
  • Early Tender Involvement (ETI)
  • Early Contractor Involvement (ECI)
  • Public and Private Partnerships (PPPs)
  • Co-design
  • Competitive Dialogue
  • Invitations to Tender/Offer (ITTs/ITOs)
  • Requests for Proposal (RFPs)
  • Market-Led Proposals (MLP)

Undertaking your ‘high risk’ procurement activities with Management Options’ probity guidance will provide confidence that issues are identified and addressed while supporting your ultimate pursuit of procurement objectives and value for money as efficiently as possible.

What We Include
Our job is to ensure procurement processes and commercial transactions are undertaken fairly and equitably. For this reason, we include both Probity Advisory and Probity Auditing services.

Our Probity Auditing services are an assurance engagement, providing independent scrutiny of a procurement process.  This provides an objective opinion as to whether the prescribed probity requirements have been adhered to. Our conclusions are based on evidence gathered against prescribed criteria.

Our Probity Advisory services involve the provision of advice and assistance before and during the procurement process, as a basis for improving the procurement outcome to address unexpected probity risks and issues that may arise. In matters of probity, our clients must be protected from financial and reputational risks and other challenges, including supplier complaints.

Probity consultants working in Brisbane office

For this reason, we offer a comprehensive range of probity services over the entire course of a project, including:

  • Probity risk analysis and mitigation planning including policies, procedures and templates.
  • The provision of probity plans in the commencement phase of a project to guide the team’s conduct and activities.
  • Advice on identification and effective management of conflicts of interest.
  • A detailed review of tendering and procurement systems and documentation to limit risks and ensure transparency, impartiality, accountability and value for money.
  • Briefing project, procurement and evaluation teams on probity obligations and best practice strategies.
  • Probity inductions for members of evaluation panels.  This includes the associated staff and advisors who might be privy to the confidential material.
  • Compliance auditing of the processes of procurement to ensure probity principles and procedures are met and comply with legislation.
  • Attendance at key evaluation panel meetings to provide independent advice and to ensure probity is effectively delivered.  This includes the closing of tenders, interviews and presentations.
  • Advice and reviews on the security and confidentiality of information and documentation.
  • Conduct probity training and mentoring and advice for financial and procurement decision-makers.
  • Provision of Probity Report/s on the achievement of probity objectives.

We assist with every aspect of probity assurance. Our team will offer your organisation our expert advice and insights, as well as probity auditing, reporting and sign-off.

Probity Templates

When it comes to the fundamentals of maintaining probity, we’re able to offer our clients probity handouts ‘cheat sheets’ on various stages of the procurement process which serves as quick reference guides.

We have developed a suite of probity templates that can be quickly tailored towards for any specific project.

These best-practice templates dispense efficiency as more time is available to deliver what matters; providing high-quality probity services by following effective procurement processes.

Why Choose Us?
At Management Options, our proven approach draws upon a combination of specialist procurement knowledge through our experienced probity advisory services.

Throughout the process, we liaise with our clients to examine potential risks, implications and options. Relevant mitigation measures are addressed and conducted accordingly to manage risk.

Our approach has been developed and refined on a broad range of assignments and combines three key aspects:

  1. Flexibility in accommodating project delivery requirements
  2. Strategies to address significant issues
  3. Solutions that are pragmatic and add measurable value

When it comes to professional advice, we take a comprehensive approach that considers probity in the context of procurement. Our process considers:

Probity services in Brisbane, QldFairness and impartiality:  this includes objectivity, fairness and impartiality of the procurement process in reference to key documents, review points and decisions.

Accountability and transparency: our process upholds accountability to support the best interests of the project and the client organisation. Decisions and documentation are examined to ensure transparency and compliance.

Confidentiality and security of information: we advise on effective arrangements to administer communications and sensitive records. Processes and protocols for information management are examined.

Management of conflicts of interest: our team assess perceived, potential and actual conflicts of interest from an independent perspective. Thereby our process manages conflicts of interest through stakeholder briefings and early identification of risks.

The Benefits of Probity to Your Organisation

Advice: we provide consistent, objective and accurate probity advice.

Responsiveness: we provide skilled and knowledgeable probity practitioners at short notice and for ad hoc hours.

Confidentiality: we maintain the strictest confidentiality and security of information and materials.

Flexibility: we meet planned and unplanned meeting requests with a high degree of flexibility and respond with agility to changing project timeframes.

Effectiveness: we offer an approach that provides a high level of certainty to the client that their project will meet timeframes without delays in meeting probity objectives.

Risk Management: we offer multiple solutions to problems from a risk management perspective.

Creating a Culture of Probity in Your Work Place

Probity can sometimes be seen as a nebulous concept with many businesses unable to identify and mitigate probity risks.  Generally, it is understood that people in workplaces wish to act honestly and ethically. However, two common barriers can jeopardise this process.

They are:

  • awareness around what exactly constitutes a breach of probity, and
  • confidence around controls, protections and support if breaches are to be reported.

Providing staff with the right tools to both identify and manage probity risks protects your procurement project and your organisation’s reputation.

Probity services consultant with Management Options, Brisbane

To assist your organisation, here are five useful steps needed to create a sound workplace culture of probity.

  1. Regular awareness training in probity across the organisation
    This includes informing people of policies and procedures that are in place in your organisation and how to use them. Training can help remind people of their obligations and provide confidence that the policies are actively referred to within your organisation.
  1. Provide staff with a mechanism for “professional” advice
    Ensuring staff have access to independent advice.  Advisors like Management Options can help reduce the fear and uncertainty around potential breaches of probity. This must be in line with organisational policies and procedures and should be communicated to staff regularly.
  2. Cultivate an environment that maintains ethical conduct
    The conversations we have about workplace conduct help to shape cultural norms and behaviours within organisations. Where appropriate, encourage the leaders in your organisation to discuss challenges and difficulties they may have in their roles with meeting probity requirements and how they overcame them. For example, this may be around declining gifts and benefits from suppliers to highlight the behaviour that is expected in these situations.
  3. Provide the right training to the right staff
    Sometimes due to resource constraints, staff can be utilised without supporting them with the right training to manage procurements. It’s important to ensure staff involved directly with your procurement processes have the right skills and are provided with training to address any gaps they might have.  This not only demonstrates that your organisation is committed to good process, it also achieves the public sector probity requirement of ensuring appropriate capability is allocated to the procurement process.
  4. Get the right resources
    Management Options is well equipped with a wealth of resources around probity and procurement including policies covering the end-to-end procurement activity. If your organisation is in need of resources and advice on probity assistance, please contact us for further information on resources and templates that may be of benefit.

Your Probity Specialists

If you would like to learn more about how Management Options can ensure probity is effectively managed through your procurement process, CONTACT US for further information or to schedule an appointment.

We’re here to answer any questions you have about tailoring the most suitable custom solutions for your business.

Panel Memberships

  • Probity Panel: Queensland Government SOA QGP0050-18 T4
  • Procurement Services Panel: Queensland Government SOA QGP0050-18 T4
  • Transport for NSW Probity Panel
  • NSW Govt EARL Prequalified: Performance and Management Services
  • IAMA Accredited Probity Services Provider
  • Business Ready QAssure Membership No. 11137
  • GITC Accreditation (Qld Govt)
  • Professional Services Panel – Business Management Services: Sunshine Coast Regional Council.

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