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At Management Options, our contract management services allow clients to maximise the operational and financial costs of their organisation.  Our dedicated team of contract specialists follow a purpose-built, secure and structured framework to manage and analyse large contracts within an inch of their life.

Business lady in office at consultants in Brisbane, QldOur contract management services can be provided at any point in the contract lifecycle, from contract creation and execution to analysis and closeout.  Our service supports clients at all stages of the end-to-end procurement-contract management cycle.

We understand that the purpose of strategic procurement is to minimise cost and maximise value.  In this respect, contract management is the crucial first step towards making sure the correct parameters and agreements are set, performed and adhered to.

Our proactive contract management services will ensure that your budget targets and desired outcomes are not only met but exceeded while mitigating the risks associated with procurement activities.

Our services also extend to the recovery of off-track or neglected contracts and we can assist with dispute resolutions, contract auditing and contract management training for your organisation.  Our approach streamlines contract management to safeguard our clients from their purchase while heightening vendor focus on client needs and expectations.

A Dynamic Team of Contract Management Professionals

Who We Are
At your disposal are a team of highly efficient specialist contract management professionals on hand to assist in ensuring your contracts deliver as expected.

How We Work
Our contract management service types include:

  • Single vendor contract management and negotiations
  • Multiple and complex vendor management for a portfolio of contracts
  • Multiple vendor management for a program of work
  • Management of panel arrangements

Our consultants can assist with any of the following work packages:

  • Brisbane's leading probity consultant services.Contract management planning
  • Establishing contract management frameworks, processes, procedures and templates
  • Team training in contract management processes
  • Contract Management re-negotiations and reviews
  • Contract Close-out
  • Vendor Management and Communication
  • Options analysis
  • Transition planning and management
  • Negotiation
  • Vendor communication
  • Recovery of contracts
  • Stage review and reporting
  • Governance

What We Include In Contract Management

Organisations want procurement and contract management systems in place that will make doing business simple, easy and more attractive to key suppliers, whilst ensuring integrity, transparency and probity.  For this reason, our services include the following major components:

Procurement – Contract Management Cycle: all aspects of the procurement cycle to create robust and pragmatic procurement governance approaches and frameworks.

Advice: in supporting the full procurement-contract management cycle, Management Options consultants are available to provide expert advice at critical points to help our clients manage their own process.

Targeted Support: we recognise that our clients may only need support for specific components in the procurement-contract management cycle. Management Options consultants are capable of quickly picking up and completing a work package using our client’s tools and methodologies or our own.

Reviews and Health Checks: in cases where an independent review or health check of a program or project is needed, we have the expertise and a methodology to conduct these efficiently and effectively; all with a focus to identify risks and propose practical mitigating strategies.

Project Management: Management Options offers full project management and project resourcing service in consultation with the client and key stakeholders. Our consultants bring with them the Management Options methodology or can work with a client’s methodology.

Why Choose Us To Manage Your Contract?

Probity consultancy services with Management Options, in BrisbaneYour organisation’s ability to carry out its contract management is critical to the success of its procurement and contracting strategy.

As either a stand-alone service or as part of a greater procurement strategy, Management Options works with your organisation and related stakeholders to ensure your contracts and procurement activities are working to their optimal effectiveness.

Our contract management planning strategy defines upfront how procurement categories and individual procurements will be managed at the contractual stage based on their complexity level.

These services are particularly vital in cases of sudden or major operational change, including operational structure changes, mergers and acquisitions leading to combined procurement functions and departments, or when internal management is required to focus on other non-procurement responsibilities.

Management Options’ operational strategies deliver value on all levels of your organisation’s procurement staffing and processes.

In contract management, we include such processes as:

  • a review of current organisational methodologies
  • an assessment of your current procurement function
  • the identification of opportunities for improvement including restructuring
  • recommendations for implementing improvement measures
  • assistance in profiling your supply base
  • creation of plans for initiating and implementing supplier relationship management
  • Communication strategy development

Your Contract Management Specialists
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At Management Options, we’re here to identify the most beneficial areas in contract management to focus on, in terms of both upfront value and long-term efficiency and cost savings.

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