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Probity, Procurement, Contract & Business Management

Our service offering covers all aspects of the end-to-end procurement process from the identification of a business need through the full procurement-contract management cycle to eventual close-out of a supplier contract, with probity services as a foundational component.

Typically our clients’ requirements fall into one of our service streams depending on where they are in the Procurement – Contract Management Cycle. MOPL has the capability to support our Clients through all stages of the cycle or will work with our Clients’ team or other consultants to complete work packages and complete handover activities for the next stage.

Management Options Service Streams

Procurement Services

We know the procurement process starting from business and procurement strategies through to contract negotiations and handover.
We offer all of our Service Types for procurement programs and projects:

  • One-off procurements
  • Panel arrangements
  • Multi-stage procurements
  • Complex procurements including: outsourcing and software as a service.

Our consultants can assist with any of the following work packages:

  • Procurement Strategy Development and Planning
  • Tender Preparation and Management
  • Contract Preparation and Negotiation
  • Contract Management Handover

Probity Services

Our knowledge and breadth of experience in probity underpins every Client engagement and we know what to do to ease the process; making sure probity issues are dealt with effectively early in the program of work.

We offer probity services for:

  • One-off procurements
  • Multi-tender programs of work
  • Existing contracts

Our consultants can assist with any of the following work packages:

  • Probity Strategy Development and Planning
  • Probity Advice
  • Probity Briefings
  • Program/Project Probity Reviews
  • Program/Project Probity Audits

Contract Management

We bring practical and effective solutions to streamlining these processes to ensure our Clients’ realise the benefits from their purchase, and vendors remain focused on our Clients’ needs.

We offer all of Service Types for contract management including:

  • Establishing contract and vendor management processes and procedures and successful handover to client staff.
  • Single vendor contract management and negotiations.
  • Multiple and complex vendor management.

Our consultants can assist with any of the following work packages:

  • Contract Reviews
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Vendor Management and Communication
  • Contract Close-out

Business Management Services

We bring considerable expertise in capturing and providing clarity about our client’s requirements and developing suitable strategies and plans to meet those requirements.

We offer business management services for:

  • Procurement Programs/Projects
  • Business Process transformation programs / projects
  • ICT business transformation programs / projects

Our consultants can assist with any of the following work packages:

  • Business Strategy Development and Planning
  • Program/Project Establishment, Planning and Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Transition Planning and Stakeholder Communication

Our Management Services Include…

Software Procurement Services

We provide services for the end-to-end procurement for all types of software solutions from one-off purchases to ongoing arrangements including support for: complex whole of government arrangements; “Software as a Service” arrangements with Australian or international suppliers; and Corporate programs.


We provide services for the end-to-end procurement of ICT infrastructure including: computing hardware; control equipment; mobile communications equipment; and internet and communications infrastructure, including: one-off purchases; ongoing arrangements; support for complex whole of government arrangements; with Australian or international suppliers.
We also provide probity services for a range of other infrastructure projects.


In supporting the full procurement-contract management cycle Management Options consultants are available to provide expert advice at critical points to help our clients manage their own process. Our quality advice in the early stages of a project helps smooth the project pathway.

Targeted Support

We recognise that our clients may only need support for specific components in the procurement-contract management cycle. Management Options consultants are capable of quickly picking up and completing a work package using our clients’ tools and methodologies or our own.

Reviews and Health Checks

In cases where an independent review or health check of a program/project is needed, we have the expertise and a methodology to conduct these efficiently and effectively; all with a focus to identifying risks and proposing practical mitigating strategies

Project Resourcing

Management Options offers the option to manage a project including the supply of team resources or alternatively to provide consultants to work as embedded team members in our Client’s team. Our approach is flexible to meet a range of program needs.

Project Management

Management Options offers a full project management/project resourcing service to manage the delivery of a procurement project in consultation with the Client and key stakeholders. Our consultants bring with them the Management Options methodology or can work with a Client’s methodology.

Audit Services

Management Options has accredited probity auditors and offers a range probity auditing services for all aspects of the end-to-end procurement process. Our company has a proven methodology for conducting and providing expert and pragmatic assessment and advice on probity matters.

Risk Management Services

Management Options as an organisation and from its expert resources has many years of hands-on experience in delivering end-to-end procurement services including ongoing contract management as well as probity services.

From this experience Management Options not only has well-thought out and tested project methodology; it has the experience to identify risks and suitable mitigation strategies. The cornerstone of the Management Options approach is to find solutions to issues and risks and to leave clients with a Road Map to mitigate the issues and risks identified.

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