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Management Options Pty Ltd is an Australian-owned, Brisbane-based, procurement consultancy. Our services cover all aspects of the procurement-contract management cycle encompassing accurate identification of needs, data collection and spend analysis, risk and market analysis, sourcing/tendering and eventual close out of a supplier contract.

Procurement Services StrategyWe apply contemporary thinking and business acumen to achieve our client’s business objectives, through outcomes-focused procurement with integrity.

Management Options is also one of Australia’s leading providers of independent probity services.  Probity serves as a foundational component to ensure the procurement process and commercial transactions can withstand public scrutiny.  The provision of independent oversight to these processes mitigates probity concerns and protects our clients from financial, legal and reputational risks.

At Management Options we understand the spotlight placed on public sector procurement processes to meet legislation and policy requirements and constraints and the public scrutiny that comes from that. Our probity advisory services bring an appropriate mix of practical and formal risk management to ensure probity is effectively managed to enable the achievement of the client’s business objectives.

How We Work

Our approach is risk-based and outcomes-focused while maximising client benefits and minimising the time it takes to complete the process.

QLD Procurement Consultant at work in officeAt Management Options , our clients are our priority. We know how to engage stakeholders and maintain project momentum to deliver tangible, quality outcomes for them.  Typically, our client’s procurement requirements fall into one of our service streams depending on where they are in the Procurement – Contract Management Cycle.

Our experienced procurement specialists support our clients through all stages of the cycle.  Alternatively, we’re able to work with our client’s team, or other consultants to complete work packages or handover activities for the next stage.

With procurement, it’s all about using our expertise to find the very best solution for your organisation.  We’re well equipped to handle every aspect of the full procurement lifecycle and will tailor a package to suit your needs.

Our services are specifically catered to the public sector at all levels of government in Australia as well as government-owned corporations, statutory and regulatory bodies and the private sector.

A Comprehensive Suite of Professional Services

We are probity, procurement and contract management specialists for all tiers of government and corporate sector clients.  Since our formation in 2004, Management Options has gained an enviable reputation for providing reliable, expert and independent consultancy services in:

  • Probity
  • Procurement
  • Business analysis
  • Contract management
  • Governance
  • Risk management

Probity Services

Strategy, Planning and InspirationProbity is a critical component of our business as there is a clear expectation from the community and key stakeholders that they will be treated fairly and equitably when they bid for tenders.  In both the public and private sector, there is an increasing focus on making investment decisions that are based on integrity and adhere to good corporate practice.  Taxpayers and shareholders seek assurance that transactions are free from conflict and the value of their taxes and holdings have not diminished through any transaction.

Our knowledge and breadth of experience in probity ensure issues are dealt with effectively and in a timely manner.  We can assist in probity risk identification and mitigation with:

  • One-off tenders
  • Multi-stage tenders
  • Complex multi-tender programs
  • Early market engagement
  • Early contractor involvement
  • Co-Design
  • Competitive Dialogue
  • Market Led Proposals
  • Grants and Funding arrangements

Our company services government and corporate sector clients in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and major regional centres, Australia-wide.

Procurement Services

We have extensive experience in the provision of procurement services to complex, single and multi-staged procurement processes, including:

  • Procurement planning
  • Requests for Information
  • Expressions of interest
  • Early Market Engagement
  • Early Tender Involvement
  • Early Contractor Involvement
  • Co-Design
  • Competitive Dialogue
  • Market Led Proposals
  • Invitations to Offer/Tender
  • Requests for Proposal
  • Supply chain management that complies with government legislation including risks associated with goods and services in response to COVID-19

Procurement services office in Brisbane, QldOur specialised procurement practitioners will help you gain an unparalleled understanding of the procurement-contract management process for your business, so you can make informed choices.

The process starts with the planning, identifying and defining business requirements for the successful implementation of procurement strategies.  Tender documents, evaluation methods and management as well as contract negotiations and awards, are developed and scheduled prior to client handover.

Management Options  provides the entire spectrum of procurement services from strategic assessment and selection, through to system implementation and ongoing support.

Our certified procurement consultants can assist with:

  • One-off tenders
  • Establishing panels
  • Complex, multi-stage procurements
  • Outsourcing

Our Client Base

Management Options are experienced specialists in government procurement services.  We are able to assist all tiers of government from local, state and federal and related agencies with their probity and procurement needs.

Our current client base includes:

  • Queensland State Government
  • Government-owned corporations and statutory authorities in Queensland in the Energy, Water, Rail, Universities and Health sectors,
  • NSW government – Transport for NSW
  • Local Government (Qld and NSW)
  • Federally linked authorities such as Defence
  • Housing Australia, Primary Health Network (PHNs) and Australian Maritime Safety Authority
  • Federally linked authorities such as Defence Housing Australia, Primary Health Network (PHNs) and Australian Maritime Safety Authority

Contract Management Services

Our contract management services are flexible and available at any point in the contract cycle, including creation, execution, analysis and closeout.

We bring practical and effective solutions to maximise the operational and financial performance of your organisation.  Our services extend to the recovery of off-track or neglected contracts, dispute resolutions and contract auditing.  We can also assist with contract management training.

Services under our contract management umbrella include:

  • Contract planning
  • Single vendor contract management processes and negotiations
  • Multiple and complex vendor management
  • Contract management plans and frameworks
  • Contract performance audits of time, cost and quality
  • Recovery of contracts
  • Contract close-out

Why Choose Management Options?

Business strategy and planning meeting with consultantsOur innovative solutions and delivery models have saved our clients millions of dollars, in addition to insulating them from business risk and freeing up their internal teams to focus on what they do best: delivering products and services to their customers.

As we take a tailored approach to each engagement, we’re able to meet our client’s objectives. The breadth and scope of our service is another key differentiator. We are one of the few consultancy firms in Australia who can service all market sectors and procurement offerings.

We achieve success in our business, procurement and probity services through our capacity to:

  • Offer an approach that provides a high level of certainty to the client that their project will meet time-frames without delays in meeting objectives
  • Provide skilled and knowledgeable probity and procurement specialists at short notice and for ad hoc hours
  • Deliver consistent, objective and accurate advice
  • Maintain the strictest confidentiality
  • Respond with agility to changing project timeframes
  • Meet planned and unplanned meeting and work requests with a high degree of flexibility

We Achieve Success

At Management Options, our professional solutions are

custom designed with a focus on driving value and meeting business objectives.

Procurement consultants in a planning meeting

Our goal is to satisfy both operational and commercial objectives of our clients via our extensive experience across a wide range of sectors.  The foundation of our delivery is stakeholder engagement.  We have the proven expertise to assess and tailor solutions that meet client needs.

We achieve success through the inclusion of:

  • Independent and trusted advice
  • A focus on customer success by offering a fair and transparent service
  • Expert consultants who deliver
  • Effective governance, risk management and compliance
  • Work with customers to build long-term partnerships for mutual benefits
  • Proven consulting and project approach
  • Remain independent of systems and solutions
  • Professional development to ensure we remain experts in our field
  • Flexibility in work methodology and adaptable solutions
  • Experts in probity management
  • Embrace and promote diversity in all aspects of business
  • Experience across state government departments, regulatory bodies, government owned corporations, local government, federal agencies and private and publicly listed corporations.

Management Options  Values

Our values underpin our approach to business and serve as the foundation of our company.  From the staff we employ and the services we offer, right through to how we do business, Management Options stands proudly behind the values our company was founded on.

Client Satisfaction

Clients are integral to our business and their needs and success are at the forefront of our approach.  We firmly endorse the fostering of long-term relationships with integrity, honour and respect.  We listen to the needs of our valued clients and apply our expertise to address their current and future needs.  Our client’s success is our greatest reward.


It is essential that all of our consultants working within procuring entities, display personal and professional integrity.  All staff involved in the procurement process at all times, must be honest, trustworthy, responsible and reliable.  They must endeavour to keep to the purpose of the procurement process in mind in accordance with the due diligence required.


Our process examines the objectivity, fairness and impartiality of the procurement process by considering key documents, review points, decisions and communications.  All offers must be considered based on their compliance with the stipulations of invitation documents and offers should not be rejected for reasons other than those specifically stated in the procurement rules.  A contract should only be signed with a supplier, contractor or service provider whose offer is compliant and best responds to the objectives in terms of fitness for purpose (functional and technical capability, track record) and price.

Value for Money

Value For Money (VFM) is at the heart of our procurement process.  It represents the achievement of the desired procurement outcome at the best possible price (not necessarily the lowest price), based on a balanced judgement of financial and non-financial factors relevant to the Procurement Consultancy in Brisbane, Qldprocurement.  Management Options supports the concept that better outcomes can be achieved when resources are used more efficiently and are procured in a more competitive market.  VFM takes into account the total cost of procurement from planning to use and disposal and everything in between.

Management Options  prides itself on offering a flexible procurement model that represents the best interest of our clients.  Through working across various businesses, we’re able to leverage a collective genius to provide authentic solutions for our client projects.  We aren’t concerned with pushing specific products or working to an agenda, we simply want to find the best possible solution in accordance with effective time and financial management.

Transparency and Accountability

High-quality procurement and probity services should be transparent, defensible and auditable while supporting the pursuit of value for money.  Our process examines decisions and documentation to ensure transparency and compliance, thereby upholding accountability and supporting the best interests of our clients.  At the same time, we proactively manage perceived, potential and actual conflicts of interests through stakeholder briefings and early identification of risks.


Our probity and procurement practitioners take a hands-on and proactive approach to finding tailor-made solutions for our clients.  We believe in being agile and applying common-sense solutions to challenges.  We roll up our sleeves and rapidly deploy people, processes and platforms to ensure you meet your timelines and governance requirements.


There are valid and legal reasons for keeping certain information confidential.  For example, proprietary information belonging to companies or individuals participating in the procurement process, is entitled to confidence.   However, information on the public procurement process must be made available, but only at the right time, to all public procurement stakeholders; contractors, suppliers, service providers and the public at large unless there are conflicting legalities.  Our team will advise on effective arrangements to administer communications and sensitive records.


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